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empowering future-focused leaders to innovate with soul

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who we are

We are PASTORIA - a leadership innovation consultancy.

We believe that an organization's spirit is what drives its performance - that its results reflect how authentic a leadership team is to their own dreams.

Therefore, our mission is to empower future-focused business, non-profit, and religious leaders to innovate with soul.

Our hope is for the world to be better for it.


how we generate innovation


Leadership Retreat Facilitation

At some point, every organization comes to need a “turning point.”

The question is: will that moment be a crisis that comes from outside of, or a process initiated by, the organization’s leadership?

PASTORIA’s innovative approach to a leadership retreat focuses on achieving three objectives:

  1. Realizing the dreams that naturally arises from the population an organization desires to serve
  2. Connecting those dreams with the organization’s competencies and capabilities
  3. Stitching together dreams, competencies, and capabilities into an operational vision

This program can fit into an organization’s leadership retreat if the schedule allows for a minimum of 6 hours of engagement.  The starting cost of this program is $1,200.

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