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You have a dream.
Now, make it a calling.

PASTORIA is an innovation consultancy and platform for the next call to Christian ministry


1. Transform your local church

Contextualized to your congregation’s story, become the digital-first, multi-cultural, and lay-centric church we need for today and tomorrow.

2. Launch a new ministry

As society has moved from mass produced to highly customized, so has generic church planting given way to rapid micro-ministry development.

3. Challenge your denomination

From leadership development to diversity and beyond, spark the right kind of change in the inner workings of your tradition.

4. Make a meaningful career

There is no such thing as a perfect career, but employment can be a meaningful and significant part of a life that makes a difference.

5. Create a new brand

Avoid the mistake of overthinking a new business or non-profit by experimenting first and improving as you go in the Coronavirus Age.

6. Spiritualize your family

Faith is made real in a loving environment with specific activities that demonstrate the meaning of sacred space and the presence of the Spirit.

The pandemic has added complexity to ministry in the 21st century.  This video series will provide insight into where church is headed and where your calling can take you.

It’s called, “From Plant to Seed.”