PASTORIA is the regenerative innovation company.

I. Our Beliefs

Moments of eternity – when we get lost in the difference between our life and a better one – are quite common.

But, regeneration – when such moments change our life for the better – is quite rare.

That is because such change requires healing – the application of our reflections on such an experience of eternity – of our decision-making.

And, healers are those who can nurture such reflection – the putting of words to the experience of eternity.

II. Our Approach

We integrate AI, design, and theology – to form and guide the healers of our time – enabling regenerative innovation in key contexts of life, such as:

  • Small Business
  • Parenting
  • Careers
  • Travel
  • Faith

III. Our Mission

We seek to keep alive our collective hope for a better tomorrow.

IV. Our Founder

James Kang (aka “James from PASTORIA”) is the Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of PASTORIA.

As a multi-disciplinary healer, he has been a speaker at institutions such as Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary and Phillips Theological Seminary as well as on podcasts such as Pastoring in the Digital Parish.