The Real Personal (AI) Computer (

It’s not about replacing current devices but rather introducing a new way of interacting with technology and, in the process, moving personal computing forward. Imran and Bethany have tapped into a big cadre of ex-Apple talent to build this future.

What does the next step in personal computing mean? So far, we have used mobile apps to get what we want, but the next step is to just talk to the machine. Apps, at least for me, are workflows set to do specific tasks. Tidal is a “workflow” to get us music. Calm or Headspace are workflows for getting “meditation content.” In the not-too-distant future, these workflows leave the confines of an app wrapper and become executables where our natural language will act as a scripting language for the machines to create highly personalized services (or apps) and is offered to us as an experience. 

Read: Om Malik

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