Three Predictions for 2024

1. Change itself will change

Last week, the results of a survey were reported to be that:

  • “A plurality of young voters say they hold social media responsible for divisions among Americans.” (The Hill)

Shocking, perhaps.

  • But, also, perhaps not.

It was about 15 years ago when the, “hope and change candidate,” ultimately became the, “social media President” – maybe we should have paid attention to this quote in the New York Times:

  • “It’s clear there has been a dramatic shift,” said Andrew Rasiej, the founder of the Personal Democracy Forum, an annual conference about the intersection of politics and technology. “Any politician who fails to recognize that we are in a post-party era with a new political ecology in which connecting like minds and forming a movement is so much easier will not be around long. Yes, we have met Big Brother, the one who is always watching. And Big Brother is us.”

My point, here, has less to do with social media or politics than it does with change in the digital-first era and how it has been an eternality – a life constant.

  • Change has been continuous and various – so much so that, I predict, people will ultimately question, “change,” itself.

Is change a good thing? Do we really want more? Who among us good enough to lead it, even?

  • My sense is that we will hear more of these questions which, unfortunately, will bring about greater resistance to change that is good.

2. Community as a function of path

A recent survey on the, “loneliness epidemic,” yielded a few results that surprised me:

  • 38% say a lack of purpose perpetuates their loneliness
  • 33% say it’s due to a lack of economic stability
  • 33% say it’s a new lifestyle or getting older

On the one hand, if this is true, then the solution is so obvious (and easy):

  • give people purpose
  • give people economic stability
  • give people reverse aging (or more youth)

On the other hand, sarcasm aside, I wonder how any of our typical institutions and organizations of healing might actually deliver these three things.

  • To me, none really have a prescribed path for someone who, if they came and asked, “how can I get these,” they would get a concrete, actionable answer.

What our usual organizations and institutions do offer, however, is community, ritual, and belief – tangentially related to the above three.

  • And, I predict, a successful sense of community can arise amongst those who are on a similar path in pursuit of purpose, economic stability, or youth.

3. The coming role of healers

The age in which we find ourselves has become too “win / lose” – with everything from religion to politics to systemic racism making things worse.

  • In confession, my own attitudes on wanting things to be more digital have not helped either – in 2024, things will be a little different.

It seems to me that the role of healers and (perhaps more importantly) the skill now to develop and utilize is that of:

  • “Creating environments and setting the conditions for healing to take place.”

And, yes, I have luckily seen this in action – Trevor Noah’s new podcast called, “What Now?”

  • In his opening monologue of the first episode, he says, “If we cannot even have conversations about difficult things, then what hope do we have of fixing those difficult things [themselves]?”

The guest on his first episode? Well, that would be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, of course. And, when asked, given all of his success, what he wants to do next, he says:

  • “I want to help build more [space] spiritually, emotionally, and bring humanity along with me.”

Yes, The Rock said that – what does that mean?

  • It means that 2024 may very well be the year of the healer, wherever they might be in life.

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