The New Ministry Essentials (6.13.2022) — Tomu Homes

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Recently, The White House hosted something called, The Innovative Housing Showcase, featuring the latest in building houses (Bloomberg).

  • One of the brands there was Tomu Homes which pre-fabricates houses (or, builds the pieces of the house first in a factory, then assembles it on-site like Lego), cutting down time and cost of building.

Here’s the key quote for ministry US Housing Secretary Marcia L. Fudge:

  • “We just can’t continue to build the houses we grew up in.”

Neither can we build the same churches these we grew up in. That brings us to this week’s Essential:

The ministries of the future will take days, not weeks, to build.

Ministry can be pre-fabricated

It might be crazy to think about. But, a ministry is a combination of different pieces. In the past, the pieces might be something like:

  • Building + Name + Beliefs + Activities + Pastor

I mean, the combinations are kind of endless. That is because, over time, we have become used to “fully formed” churches.

But, what are the most minimal pieces to get a ministry started? What are the essentials (literally) of a ministry for today and tomorrow?

  • Name + Social Media Account + Content

That’s it.


  • Because a ministry, from now on, are likely to be solutions looking for a problem – you just need enough to put something out there and then to adjust over time as you find people (or as the platform finds people for you).

Ministry can be modular

After you get started with a ministry name, social media account, and content, you can see how the pieces are interchangeable:

  • If the name doesn’t work, change it.
  • If you are not on the right platform, move to a different one.
  • If your content is not connecting, adjust.

Like Lego, if you see ministry as these pieces (at the beginning), you can also build more than one ministry at a time. In other words…

One planter can plant more than one ministry at a time, each one made for a different type of experience or person.

I believe that this will make ministries more affordable – both for the maker of the ministry as well as for the participant (who is making a ministry of their own through their life).

PASTORIA will be re-introducing its Rapid Ministry Development method soon. It’s based on Alberto Savoia’s idea of pre-totyping which you can understand via the video below.

The New Ministry Essentials is a weekly newsletter – subscribe now here.