The New Ministry Essentials (6.19.2022) — Outside (UK)

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Did you know that there is a laboratory that has been running research and development for the past… 5.8 billion years?

  • It’s called, “Nature.”

And, “Outside,” is the organization / community that literally takes, ‘“entrepreneurs, leaders, fresh air thinkers, idea explorers, tech folk, creatives, innovators and business activists,” on walks.

  • Yes, walks, because their solution to this time of being inside too much is actually taking people outside to open up their thinking.

Not only is it another great example of the idea that, “every person is a traveler,” it brings us to this week’s Essential:

  • The ministries of the future will see that faith and spirituality, like God, is present everywhere.

Church is for church people

I know that this might be difficult to accept for those of us who grew up in the Church – I know it was for me.

  • But, one of the beginnings of ministry innovation is understanding that Church is for “Church People.”

If I liked bicycling (which I do not) – if I were a “bike person” – I would probably:

  • Study bicycling
  • Regularly practice bicycling
  • Buy bicycling gear
  • Learn from bicycling teachers
  • Join bicycling clubs
  • Attend bicycling events
  • etc.

By doing these things, what am I doing?

  • I am being a bicycl-er. Right?

So, now, let’s go back up there and replace the word “bicycling,” with, “church,” and what do you get?

  • You get “Church People.”

Then, try replacing “bicycling” with “Bible.” What do you get?

  • You get “Bible People.”

Church-ing makes you a Church Person.
Bibl-ing makes you a Bible Person.

  • These overlap with and help you get better at, but are not the same as, being a follower of Jesus Christ.

Faith is a human state of being

So, if I have done it right, you are now asking:

  • Well, what do you have to do to be a follower of Jesus Christ, then?

Here’s my answer:

  • Go bicycling (I mean, you, not me).


  • Faith is a human state of being. It is not exclusive to Church or the Bible. These facilitate it; they do not have a monopoly on it.
  • Faith has to do with what you study, practice, buy, learn, and join, etc. – being alive.
  • For some, Church helps. For others, other things help.

That is why the ministry leaders of the future are those who help people select something(s):

  • Select activities, environments, processes, etc. that help them be a follower of Jesus Christ.

It should be clear to us by now that Jesus himself did not prescribe more time in the temple to people that he met.

  • What he did do was translate their own (seemingly secular) environment into one of faith.

Today, it’s our turn to do the same.

Thanks always,

James from PASTORIA

The New Ministry Essentials is a weekly newsletter – subscribe now here.