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Post-congregational Planting

We are now in an era where the Church should go with a person, instead of a person with the Church.

James from PASTORIA

We from PASTORIA call this the era of Church4.

To learn more, read this summary of the clear differences among Church1, Church2, Church3, and Church4.

This era, then, calls for a different kind of “church planting.” In fact, the difference is so clear that the term itself, “planting,” likely no longer applies.

The next version of the “local church” now must be thought more of as “non-congregational” ministries. It is not that a community would not exist – it’s that the definition of “community” becomes expanded.


Because in this digital era, a “church” is at the overlap of:

  • Digital – through some form of connection beyond the in-person
  • Diversity – amongst many different kinds of people
  • Dreams – building something from an idea

Up until now, the local church has largely been at the overlap of:

  • Property – the church building is / was a physical articulation and space of religious preferences
  • Power – being seen as at the center of the political and business elite
  • Culture – what it means to be a “proper” citizen