Every life is a ministry – even mine.

My role at work, family, inner self, dreams, interaction with the environment, place in society – these are all parts of one big ministry that is my life.

What is ministry, really?

Is it a formal group of people grounded in an institution legitimized by a long history, heritage, and tradition with rituals that make it feel like it is part of a larger global community of the faith?

In an incomplete sense, yes that is ministry.

But, ministry is also the collective of people, as-of-yet separated by time, space, identity, and economic means, who might not yet know each other or have met each other in person, who might not yet have a title in the Church-as-we-know-it, but who share a common mission, driven by an eternal hope, who are living to enliven existence itself, who are putting all of their life and soul into building a reality that does not yet exist – who are building it at the speed of faith.

And, my life – yes, even mine – is, in this sense, a ministry.

It is a ministry of the Church universal as well as of the Church-throughout-all-time.

Therefore, PASTORIA.

PASTORIA is a ministry moonshot factory.

At the intersection of digital, diversity, and the dreams of the community, we co-generate the ministries and ministers of today and tomorrow.

We are bringing about a world in which every life is a ministry – even mine.

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By James J. Kang
Head of Platform and Co-founder