for Parents

AI-powered digital experiences for parents to be a healing presence in a diverse contemporary American culture

I. Our Theology

Essentially, we believe that parenting as a healing presence means the parent becomes a storyteller.

While storytelling is a skill common for any leadership role, it is distinct in this case. Parenting is the enablement of identity formation, which requires both inner and outer world building, which requires a hermeneutic for reality, which is constructed in part from the stories of one’s past including of one’s family before that person was born.

In simple terms, the parent must introduce the child to a world seen in a certain way – via stories that hopefully also liberate the child from the confines of the existing world. Therefore, the skill (and sense) for the parent to develop is that of storytelling – of providing a worldview that is both accurate and inspirational at the same time.

II. From The Lab

PASTORIA’s AI-powered conversation partner for parents enables the development of a key part of a child’s identity and the skill of a parent to tell stories.

III. Our Vision

We seek the development of the skills, and a sense, of healing (aka regeneration) – to raise the future healers of our time.

A. Personality

Raise their sensitivity to how who they are in the room affects how others in their life might respond to them.

B. Mutuality

Raise their motivation for taking initiative in contexts where their presence and action can address a given need.

C. Culturality

Raise their awareness of how they make meaning through stories shared by entire societies throughout history.

D. Creativity

Raise their ability to create new options when they experience difficult situations with no good choices given.