What is it all for? Here’s my answer

I have been hearing a common line from my friends, lately:

Yes, I feel like I should do something about it. But, no, I do not feel like it would make any difference.

There is clearly a sense that something is not right with whomever’s organization, industry, or world.

But, there is also an awareness that – whatever it is that we want – it may simply prove fruitless to even try to bring it about.

Taking a look around at where we are in human history, there is a great irony to things. Technological advancement, economic prosperity, and the elevation of a bottom-line standard of life was supposed to mean… something.

While there has always been dissatisfaction about some part of life, there seems to also have been a general sense of looking forward to some end to things that are terrible and beginning to things that are wonderful.

Instead, we seem to be at a point where not only does life feel more empty than it should, it also feels as though things may stay that way with little room for change.

This has brought many of us to the ultimate question:

What is it all for?

Here’s my answer:

It’s for the healing.

Perhaps we are not any longer in a time for heroes (if that is even where we have been before); this may be a time for healers.

The distinction is that, for the healers of our time, neither hope nor faith is required for action.

Action is love for its own sake, letting go of the condition that things will get better in order to do anything about it.

You see, the healers of our time are beyond practitioners. We are not just operators of an organization through a set of skills and processes.

What we are, in fact, are symbol-izers. We are physical and temporal representations of eternal ideals.

In other words, we are PASTORIANS.