for Vacations

AI, design, and theology to see vacations as a regenerative experience

I. Our Theology

We believe that vacations as a regenerative experience is a fasting from work to re-humanize the worker.

Working, defined as some activity for survival, is a requirement of life. But, our contemporary version of employment is in many ways a form of de-humanization. For better or for worse, it is the repeated process of losing our creative agency to gain a wage. Therefore, the stepping away from this process is a chance for re-humanization.

In this fasting from work, the worker can see themselves as much more valuable than their current employer ever could – to realize the extent of this gap between the worker’s potential and the economic opportunity currently offered to the worker. What comes after is the worker’s response to this realization and, therefore, regeneration.

II. From The Lab

PASTORIA’s AI-powered conversation partner for workers is designed to enable the development of sensing your next steps.