The Mother’s Day Insight

Today is Mother’s Day 2020.

For some, it will be a day to remember the person that is no longer with them.  For others, it will be a time to celebrate through a video call.

For pastors, it is a time to pay attention for something in particular:

Is there an increase in the sending of physical objects to mothers in the place of their physical presence?

This is a key insight providing a peek into how to “bring the church into their home.”  It should get pastors and ministry teams to ask what physical object can be sent in the place of a ministry to facilitate their discipleship?

So far, we know that Peloton sales and class participation have spiked.

And, people are wanting to send Milkbar cookies to people with love if they cannot send anything else.

We will keep tabs on this via NARTHEX.

James from PASTORIA
Chief Guidance Officer