Which kind of leadership is best?

“Are you a priest, prophet, CEO, messiah, wage worker, Mayor, or child?”

Just yesterday, it was announced that the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, resigned. The company’s Chief Technology Officer, Parag Agrawal, will become the CEO.

Now, just for a second, imagine if you were Parag – what would you do once you officially got into the CEO’s office?

It might sound funny to hear this, but what he will do (hopefully) and what ministry leaders need to do (again, hopefully) is exactly the same thing. And, that is, this:

Put your ministry projects, initiatives, committees – whatever – into three (usually distinct) categories:

1) Needs Efficiency – Whatever it is, it needs to be done with less time, money, and effort. That’s it. Pretty simple.

2) Needs Improvement – It’s okay. But, it can be better. And, making it better would be a win for all.

3) Needs Invention – Something that should be there is not there and it will take invention (aka great effort to develop something almost wholly new) for it to exist.

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