Our Story (Part One)

Years ago, I woke up in the dark, pre-dawn, with an anxious soul after a particularly difficult week.

My mind had been on this idea of PASTORIA which at the time was just the hope that I was not alone in the world in wanting to be in ministry more digital-first.

So, I got in my car, turned on the headlights, and drove into the city to a Starbucks Reserve. I had been wanting to visit for a long time for reflection, ideation, and self-motivation.

And, it did not disappoint.

The interior was amazing. The coffee, well, I didn’t know much about. So, I just kinda ordered whatever they recommended to me.

Then, I sat down in a nice chair with… a menu? Yes, they were not just an ordinary Starbucks – they were Reserve. So, they had a foldable menu on nicer card-stock.

With a pen, I began to cross out what was on the menu and I asked myself, “If PASTORIA were like Starbucks Reserve, but for ministry leaders, what would it offer, right here on this part of the menu?”

Today, the story is still being written as PASTORIA continues to resonate with ministry leaders who aspire to be present in the lives of many more people.

James from PASTORIA
Head of Platform