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three ways for PASTORIA to join in your dreams

We believe that the community of those who believe in digital, diversity, and dreams is beyond our awareness and is being cultivated by God.

Our aims are to identify and pull together those who often feel alone in their unique convictions about ministry and to shape our collective future, together through the vehicle of membership.

01. Newsletter (Free)

We deliver analysis, guidance, and inspiration based on the latest happenings in culture, business, and politics, through e-mail.  The content is sometimes exclusive to those who have signed up.  So, sign-up here now.

02. micro-Groups (Pro)

Called, “flawk,” we match digital-first ministry leaders into groups of four to six members who then commit to connecting, teaching, offering, and competing for and with each other.  Soon, we will expand into ministry staff who are not yet, and are preparing to become, digital-first ministry leaders.  Learn more here.

03. Church Partnerships (Coming Soon)

Stay connected for the latest on Church Partnerships