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This is the Church4 era

As we now live in a digital-first reality, we believe that ministry is in the Church4 era.

We call this the, “maker-centric church” – seeing life as an inherently creative effort.

So, Church4 is less of another (vertical) institution or organization, but more of a platform – enabling every life to be a kind of ministry and every person to be a kind of minister.

Church1 was a collection of communities of disciples that formed soon after Jesus’ death with:

  • a lack of a formal central authority or consolidated “orthodoxy.”
  • discipleship through participation in relatively smaller groups of “believers.”

As Church2 was / is an institution (and even agent) of an existing civil authority, it is marked by:

  • a formalized central authority and “orthodoxy.”
  • support from (or enablement by) the civil or governmental authority.

Church3 (predominant in the United States) holds the legal designation of 501c3, it is marked by:

  • an emphasis on the beliefs and practices as prescribed by the Church.
  • a reliance on committee-based decision-making and volunteers.

Church4 is not necessarily emerging, but being more readily defined and described with an:

  • association through network, not necessarily affiliation through membership.
  • ongoing construction of beliefs and practices by the individual.