Understand our framework of the healers’ journey. We believe that every life can be healing and that every person can be a healer.

1. Healing is when reality becomes more (collectively and individually) lovely, beautiful, and joyful; a healer is an agent who catalyzes, or contributes to, this sort of becoming.

2. This process, and entering into the associated role, is experienced when there is the realizing of three primary states of being: a) believing, b) discerning, and c) creating

a) believing is when an aspirational vision of an alternative reality, and everything that it takes to achieve it, is decided upon as desirable

b) discerning is when there is a thinking through and making sense of new experiences that challenge the aspirational vision previously held

c) creating is when attempts are made to realize a revised vision of an alternative reality through any given life outlet

3. Two key types of experiences activate each state of being, even as they overlap in time: a) moments of crisis and b) moments of clarity

a) moments of crisis are when the legitimacy of a previously held belief is challenged so that new and old experiences need integration

b) moments of clarity are when new and old experiences, previously dis-parate, are now integrated into a new belief or worldview