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Announcing our Summer 2022 Pre-internship for the Future of Ministry


Inspired by Salesforce’s Futureforce Tech Launchpad summer pre-internship, our aim is to explore and conceptualize many futures for Christian ministry with a diverse, multi- everything cohort of up to 15 individuals. Each pre-intern will choose one of three key areas of focus:

  1. The Metaverse – or, ministry through AR / VR / XR experiences
  2. The Future of Work – or, ministry through work
  3. The Creator Economy – or, ministry on social media

The goal of the pre-internship is to conceptualize what ministry would look like outside of the formal ministry space of “the Church.” Our thesis is that there must be a viable alternative to trying to “be a disciple” in a separate institution like the Church. So, what would it really be like for every life to be a ministry and how every person is in some way a minister?

Based on performance, a Pre-intern can receive a letter of recommendation from PASTORIA (as appropriate):

  • After 5-weeks that begin July 15, 2022
  • Attend weekly online dialectic (1 hr)
  • Self-complete Weekly study (1 hr)

Pre-interns are required to raise their own stipend of $800

Eligible to apply are:

  • Laypersons or clergypersons
  • In or of any Christian denomination (or non-denomination)

Pre-interns that are selected are likely to display the following characteristics:

  • Demonstrated curiosity for the future of Christian ministry
  • Known commitment to a Christian life of faith
  • Strong ability to explore differing, contradictory, or ambiguous perspectives

For any questions, please contact:

James from PASTORIA
Director of Product Development