Ministry Predictions for 2022 (Part Two)

The Great Resignation

For some of us, the Church to which we belong does not yet exist – it is currently in the process of being constructed.

We have probably heard about the Great Resignation, by now. And, Barna says some 38% of pastors, even, have considered quitting.

Well, sure, it is definitely important to understand why quitting was seen as an option for such a great proportion of pastors.

But, what I think is more important to understand is something else:

Whether or not pastors feel like their current place of ministry is where they are actualizing their full potential.

The Great “Oh Well”

I bet you that the proportion for this different question would be way higher than 38%.

Pastors might not be considering quitting, but that does not mean that they feel happy or fulfilled. It could mean anything else, including that they do not wish to jeopardize their (relatively) stable source of income.

And, the thing about this is not necessarily about how difficult things are. It’s more about whether or not that difficulty is worth it.

My guess is that it would be worth it for most pastors if what the congregation (or whomever is in power) wants are things that are fairly similar to what the pastor wants…

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