Year New Happy 2022

In continuation of PASTORIA’s #PRISM22 campaign, I was hoping to briefly share my take on 2021 and how I am seeing 2022 in a new light.


Looking back on 2021, sure it was tough:

  • Children that did not listen.
  • Work stuff with a lot more question marks than periods.
  • Friends that went totally nuts, politically and such.

But, you know what, it was not too bad… like 2020 was:

  • When my wife gave birth in the hospital during lockdown.
  • When I went with my son to two ER’s because of a bad allergic reaction.
  • When it seemed like anti-asian racist violence was like everywhere.

And, 2020 was the year ministry had to switch to survival mode. 2021 seemed more like, “kinda getting used to this,” mode.

It feels good to kinda see 2021 ending. But, feeling good and being happy are not always the same thing.

2022 = (a) Year (of) New (ways to be) Happy

What I am wanting 2022 to be for us all is a year in which we find new ways to be happy.

  • I do not believe that we have to be happy all of the time. That would be nice – it just is not necessarily necessary.

But, we do need to know how to be happy, at least sometimes, even if everything is not right.

  • This probably sounds obvious to psychologically normal people such as yourself
  • But, for me, I have had to really tell this to myself because…
  • Sometimes, the enormity of your life’s work can back you into a corner or make you dip into despair.

Really, the intentional state of being happy is not solely via courage, but also via faith in that:

  • You might base your happiness not on the present, but on an as-of-yet existent future.

That is where I am at with happiness. My prayer is that I can fully convey to you my joy in your being in this dream with me.

Happy New Year and, “a Year of New Happy,” as well!

See you Monday when The New Ministry Essentials newsletter officially begins.

James from PASTORIA
Head of Platform