Are you the sh**? (Sermon Starter)

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This sermon starter is based on the lectionary gospel text, Luke 4:14-21, for 1.23.2022 – here’s the bottom line:

God’s calling is beyond me – it’s about the moment.

“Chances are that you think that you are the sh**. It does not matter your ethnicity, income, geography – actually, it kinda does matter.

“If you are a Christian, it is easier to think that you are the sh**. I’m sorry.

“Let’s be real – pastors think this about themselves. The Choir people think this about themselves. The nominated and elected leaders do too – so do the young people.

“Somehow, Church sets up these like guidelines of who are legitimately the sh** and who are not.

“By the way, I am not sure if you understand the concept of ‘the sh**,’ because it is a culturally nuanced thing. But, if someone thinks they are the sh**, it means that they think that they are the best.

“For the record, I also think that I am the sh**.

“In today’s scripture, somehow Jesus thinks that both 1) he is ‘the anointed’ (aka messiah – aka the sh**) and 2) he needs to tell everybody that he is, in public…

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