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PASTORIA is a personalized innovation consultancy developing the next version of ministry leadership for the digital-first era and the Coronavirus Age.

We will soon begin sending out an e-newsletter, especially as we “lamb-craft” a Pastorian community.  If we can do our best to make them as unique and fun as we can, could you sign up today and let a friend know?


Our Origins.

PASTORIA was birthed out of the City of Angels where media, migration, and money collide with faith in an innovative, urban environment to provide a glimpse of the future of church and the world.

What we see is a path that connects faith-conscious people who have no interest in organized religion and religious organizers who wish to appropriately approach those un-interested.

What we want is to provide a “lamb-crafted” ecosystem where pastors learn to be pastorians, disciples learn to be people, and people learn to actualize their faith in a tech-enabled way for the digital-first era.

James J. Kang
Head of Guidance

Coming Soon

  • Denominational Projections
  • Cultural and Social Trends Analyses
  • A New Seminary for New Ministers
  • Church Website Design & Social Media
  • Digital-first Planter-based Church Planting
  • Local Church-based New Ministry Development