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Our Story

enabling the solo-pastor to succeed in digital, diversity, and dreams.

Our Co-Founder

James J. Kang is Head of Guidance and Co-Founder of PASTORIA.  He was formerly the Director of Communications and Innovation of the California-Pacific Conference of The United Methodist Church.  He is a proud alum of Claremont School of Theology and the son and grandson of Methodist clergy.

James has been a speaker at/on:

Our Origins

PASTORIA (a play on the word “pastor”) is the product of years of contemplation, development, and prayer by James J. Kang, Head of Guidance and Co-Founder.

As the indicators for mainline protestantism in the United States of America continued to signal a clear decline, it became apparent that the opportunity for change in the Church was real.

Lower numbers in giving, membership, and worship attendance would mean that the basic context of institutional Christian ministry would eventually become the solo-pastor (as it had become for James’ father and his father).

But, it was not until the COVID-19 pandemic when James saw how ministry innovation would be defined by the convergence of digital, diversity, and dreams.  The need for a digital ministry presence, the effects of the Black Lives Matter movements, and the establishment of The Passion / Creator Economy would take hold in 2020.

Our Vision

PASTORIA is bringing about a world in which all people can find and make the ministry that is their life.

We see our role as the following:

  • Building digital platforms or entities that deliver ministry
  • Developing leaders whose starting points are of digital and diversity
  • Nurturing the dreams of every community as the seeds of social change

Our Agencies

In addition to PASTORIA’s products and services, we are building an array of specialized agencies: