Everyone has two callings

Original Image Credit: Sid Suratia on Unsplash

I used to think that everyone has a calling – not anymore.

It seems to me, now, that everyone has two callings: one from the past and one from the future.

The one we got at some point in our past is when something happened, we felt “the call” to (probably) ordained ministry, and we went to seminary.

But, the other calling is the one that God is sending us from the future, right now.  We do not know exactly the aim or ultimate end of that calling.  All that we know is the feeling that it gives us and what our next one or two steps should be.

This calling is difficult, not easy.  And, what it does is it forces us to reflect on our limits and why we have them.  It requires of us better than what we used to be; it challenges the very reason that we feel good about ourselves.

Most people know their calling from the past.

Do you know your calling from the future?

James from PASTORIA
Head of Guidance