Getting diversity through IKEA’s new gaming chair

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]IKEA’s newest chair is for video gamers. At least, that’s what they say in their promo video (below).

1) This matters to ministry because Ikea’s new line is an example of how to achieve diversity: multi-functionality.

Take a good look.

Their “khaki” employees and people are replaced with black and white talking heads. Their plush / textured interior decoration tendency – gone; bare-bones, technical equipment-tasting furniture – in.

etc. etc. etc. Why?

Because Ikea wants the person who is focused on winning the game. That person does not necessarily want comfort or fitting furniture into a tight space.

So, what Ikea has to do is to meld their furnishing philosophy with a gaming functionality, which are seemingly opposable ideas.

We in ministry also come upon seeming opposability of simultaneously desiring a) diversity and b) holding on to “who we are.” This is something beyond ironic: if diversity is who we are NOT, then how will “who we are” get us there?

2) Well, what WILL get us there is the question of functionality: what is your ministry for?

No, not necessarily “for” on social matters. But, “for” as in function. Like, what can I do with it? What does it help me achieve? How does it get me closer to where I want to be?

Once ministry leadership understands that what different people want are different things, the church can try to diversify its activities so as to fulfill multiple functions.

Okay, so, as you know, PASTORIA is about enabling the solo-pastor to succeed in digital, diversity, and dreams. You’ll be seeing more about diversity in the coming weeks.

Until then, be safe and stay committed to digital, diversity, and dreams!

James from PASTORIA
Head of Guidance

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