Let the train take you where you need to go.

Life can seem like it’s kinda out of control these days.

I am a parent.  Being a parent, right now, is seriously tough.  I am also someone’s child and that’s tough, too.  My area of interest, education, and pursuit is ministry and it’s a field that is not looking up, right now.  PASTORIA is an entrepreneurial effort with risks involved.  No one knows what’s going to happen with it.

And, so on; and, so forth.

Wherever I land, when it seems like things are breaking apart, I tell myself that, “there is something redemptive about things right now.  There is redemption here.”

Doing this allows me to let go of my own orthodoxies and finally question why I am afraid of breaking my own limits.  Such honesty helps me experience the reality that the results of faith lies beyond the illusion of control.

Ministry can seem kinda out of control these days.

There is a lot to consider about its past, present, and definitely its future.  Our autonomic response might be to rely on our past to envision a reliable future.  But, this would be a mistake.

The Church’s future is (in the process of) being redeemed.  Because of this, its orthodoxies (and our own) must be challenged.  Our limits must be broken.

When we let go and acknowledge that we are more of a passenger on this train than driver, we will get to go where we have not yet been.

Let the train take you where you need to go.

James from PASTORIA
Head of Guidance