Mars Perseverance and the Dream of Ministry

Original Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

By now, we should all have heard about the landing on Mars of the NASA / JPL rover, “Perseverance.”

Soon afterwards, video from the on-board camera was released of the landing itself.  Al Chen, the person in charge of the landing team for JPL aptly called it, “the stuff of our dreams.”

It occurred to me that it is almost literally, truly the stuff of someone’s dreams.  Sure, we have sent rovers to Mars before.  But, there really is no “test” of this thing on Mars itself to make it go from theory to reality.  We have to use our best guesses to believe that, if all goes well, this will actually happen.

Such is the kind of the thing that we should be doing for Christian ministry in the Coronavirus Age.  It is not a time to simply rely upon the practices that we know to be actual; it is a time to realize our greatest dreams, the kind of things we only see in our sleep.

For, if not now, when our world seems to have turned into something that we never expected, then when?

My prayer is that you are experiencing such dreams these days and that together, with PASTORIA, you will soon see it become reality.

James from PASTORIA
Head of Guidance