What is mission matching?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Does your mission speak to the diversity of dreams in your community?  Are your members challenged to deeper commitment by your mission?  Can your leadership team find resonance and renewal in your mission?

So many ministries are in survival mode right now.

But, now is the time to undertake some short and long term planning.  This does not have to mean a big strategic plan that takes way too much time.  Instead, when ministry conditions themselves have changed so much, planning should simply start with purpose:

What is our mission – our purpose to fulfill – in the here and now?

In survival mode, so much of the leadership team is probably hard at work trying to keep things going.  And, so is the Pastor.

That’s why PASTORIA provides research, design, and implementation of mission for ministries that matches the current moment – as a service.

What we do is help find out:

  • What does the congregation believe this moment calls for?
  • What do key parts of the community believe this moment calls for?
  • Is our mission meeting the moment?
  • How can our mission meet the moment?

James from PASTORIA
Head of Guidance
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