When mission / vision retreats are good

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Have you ever been through a mission / vision retreat that went well?

Somehow, in church leadership, we learned that we cannot succeed without a mission statement after a long retreat of many a poster papers.

That really is not true.  However, there is a key purpose to a mission / vision retreat, especially in these times:

It is a good test of your ministry’s relevance to the community.

People out there want to know if there is anyone or anything on their side, especially as they go through difficulty in life.  Who has their back?  Where will their help come from?

If it is true that God is at work everywhere, then it means that God is at work with those outside of the Church.  Somehow, God is trying to make the paths of the Church as an institution and everyday people intersect.

That’s why PASTORIA provides research, design, and implementation of mission for ministries that matches the current moment – as a service.

What we do is help find out:

  • What does the congregation believe this moment calls for?
  • What do key parts of the community believe this moment calls for?
  • Is our mission meeting the moment?
  • How can our mission meet the moment?

James from PASTORIA
Head of Guidance
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