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Shifting a 300-year old Business Culture in Condé Nast

The former CEO of Pandora, Roger Lynch, is charged with turning around a global magazine publishing conglomerate with roots that date back to the year 1709 in Europe.

In a recent episode of the podcast, Recode Media with Peter Kafka, Lynch stated that his task is to transform a culture of how things are run that is tied to its history (or, in our interpretation, its historical success).

What we (PASTORIA) see here is a conversation on one simple fact on transforming culture: change the structure.


Well, it’s simple:

Culture is simply about the rules of operation and culture is dependent on context. Change one part of the context (ie. structure) and the rest of the formula (ie. culture) must change accordingly.

Here’s an easy example:

Have you ever scheduled a meeting for a lot of people, but not all of them showed up, and so you ended up with a small group of people? If so, how different was the behavior of this small group? What you just experienced was a change in culture.

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Listen to the whole episode via the embed below

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