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Startups That Will Save the Ocean – Born on a Boat

A group of entrepreneurs, experts, and funders got together to dream up ways to save the ocean. But, instead of a conference center or conference table, they programmed this accelerator as an excursion into nature.

In a marvelous Techcrunch piece, Devin Coldewey reports on his experience being, “aboard the Sustainable Ocean Alliance’s floating startup program.”

He says that, sure, there are any number of such programs, especially in Silicon Valley, that helps entrepreneurs refine their business ideas and to gain funding. But, this was different.

He says, “there was something very different about doing it this way — on a boat, I mean. In Alaska. With bears, whales, and the northern lights present at every turn.”

What we (PASTORIA) see here is a conversation on one simple fact on transforming culture: change the venue.


Well, it’s simple:

Culture is simply about the rules of operation and culture is dependent on context. Change one part of the context (ie. venue) and the rest of the formula (ie. culture) must change accordingly.

Here’s an easy example:

Have you ever vacationed on an island, such as in the Pacific, where things do not necessarily go according to the time of the clock, but on “coconut time?” There, the expectations on everything from personal relationships to business transactions as it pertains to time completely change. And, so do the behaviors of the leadership.

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